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The country-specific social news network.

Social media users from each country curate and share trending local news, videos, social causes, and get paid when they broadcast relevant advertiser- sponsored content.

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Follow only the stories you care about. When there are updates to these stories, we’ll let you know. Never miss out on what the country’s talking about. Follow the news right now.

Build Your Social Reputation

Have you ever wondered how many people click on the links you shared? Know and grow your influence! Add opinions and news sources to help others discover your contributions.

Share Premium Content

Spread the word about the coolest new things. Events, movies, gigs, promos, videos, prizes – you’ll be the first to know, and the first to share. And, you’ll even get paid up to RM10 each time.

For advertisers

The future of advertising should look more like great, share-able content, not interruptions along the way. Our crowd-sourced content broadcasting platform has been helping great advertiser-content engage the social media generation. Social media users get paid to choose relevant content to share. Advertiser content gets to be in the center of attention. Now serving over 80 leading brands in the country, like Nike, Coca-Cola, Unilever and Nestle. See how this can help you win over more customers.